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Weekly Top 10 Drum & Bass Chart - April 7th, 2016

This week's chart features new music from major players in Drum and Bass
Fred V & Grafix Festival


Can't help myself - I'm here to cut Culture Shock's lunch. Literally ALL the big boys are dropping new tracks and I can't resist pegging together a chart too. For the record, my roll call of big boys are as follows: Chase and Status, Friction, Wilky Woo, Spectra, Etherwood, Fred V & fact, the only big boy on my list of big boys (there's not an actual list - I don't know if that title would fly as appropriate if it did exist either) is Andy C...keep up Andy, Andy, Andy! 

"NRG" - Chase & Status [Mercury Records]

Take a bit of Prodigy, smash it with some Flux Pavilion - what have you got? MY WET DREAM. Sorry to be crude, I'm not even sure I can have one of those...but it is exciting! I am in love with this. Chase and Status are back!!!

"Flatline (Nu:Logic Remix / Audio)" - Wilkinson ft. Wretch 32

Big improvement on the OG tune if you ask me - not that you did...with Nu:Tone and Logi at the helm though, it was kind of inevitable.

"Feel This Way" (Fred V & Grafix Remix) - Philip George & Dragonette

Excitement for summer festivals imminent! Hammana-hammmanna! Interview coming in hot with the boys on Magnetic very shortly ...

"Glimpse (ft. dBridge) (Ivy Lab Remix)" - SpectraSoul

Why do some people claim dnb all sounds the same? This tune is proof and point of that just not being the case. Someone has left the Soundlcoud comment 'can I have a cuddle' on this - I'm inclined to take a number! Tender, tender vibes.

"Dare (Hold It Down)" - Friction [Elevate Audio]

The Friction massive has done a blinder! Out on the newly formed Shogun platform, you may notice it's vague Gorillaz-esque feel?
Well here's a fun story: 'About a year ago I was sat listening to ‘Dare' by Gorillaz and I had this idea that the vocal might work well on a D&B track. I began putting my own little bootleg together to play and we thought we should try and make it official. We got in touch with Gorillaz original vocalist Roses Gabor to re-sing it and mazingly she did, they loved it, we loved it and here we are today!' That's straight from the horses mouth kids (albeit somewhat edited for punchiness).

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"Eyes On Me" - Etherwood & Royalston [Med School]

Uh-oh. Could tell as soon as I spotted the combo that I would be absolutely hopeless against the powers of a team up like this. Mmm-mmmm - get. in. my. ears.

Maduk - Got Me Thinking (ft. Veela) [Liquicity]

The Liquicity camp will be heating up alongside the summer sun this year - you mark my words - the two go hand in hand. 

Calyx & TeeBee - Takes One To Know One [RAM Records]

3 days of waking up to latest single 'Big Tune Again' stuck on brain repeat - finally in recovery - and then this bloody thing comes along! Cheers guys, cheers a lot.

"The Silence" - Kove [KVRT Records]

The irony that 'The Silence' is actually very loud and anthemically rousing is not lost on us Kove. Makes me want to don a breastplate and go slay someone in a gauntlet. Drumwork and overall atmosphere of this track - very strong! 

"Time Is Limited" - Joe Ford [Shogun Audio]

This 80's guitaring has me all het up! This is so diverse. Drum and bass is balancing on the edge of a sound shakeup and tunes like this are your first indication. Take note! And wait for the little hiccup drop to start at the 1 minute mark. Little hiccup drop be something else.

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