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Weekly Top 10 Trap Chart - April 15, 2016

Brand new RL Grime kicks off this week's Top 10 new trap tracks ahead of Coachella. Kronic, GLOWINTHEDARK, Dotcom, Brillz and more join, including two surprise guests

If you didn’t notice, RL Grime dropped a new track and video this week – wait for it… – from space. 

You could call this borderline trap, hybrid trap, or not trap at all. But that’s why I bring it up. Deconstructing labels is so important in music, and the trap trailblazer continues to expand his sound just ahead of his performance tomorrow at Coachella. That’s why I’m proud to present this week’s playlist also including Kevin Federline and Justin Bieber. Because as great as experimentation is, catching up with K-Fed and throwing down some classic hard trap is just damn fun and amusing. 

Call the genre whatever you want, call this chart whatever you want. It’s as much top has-beens and heaters as it is "best" new trap tracks. There are some new gems, no doubt, but there's a lot of crazy too. In short, it's one hell of a lit-up mess.  

Kronic - 'Dark Shapes'

In case you missed it, our interview with the under-acknowledged pop producer says it all. Just know he's created some big tracks for big artists, and now he's creating masterpiece trap theatre music. 

Magnifico & Sweet Teeth - 'Hoes'

If the infectious sample doesn’t get you, and you survive the drop, you will be amazed-to-death by what happens from 1:30-2:30. Subtle hints of Clockwork Orange is all I’m gonna say.

Hype Turner feat. Tear$ - 'Signals'

I must admit, the vocals sound pretty remarkable when they get chopped into an indecipherable inferno before the drop, which by the way, is mad (drop one) crazy (drop two). 

Dotcom & Saymyname - 'Python'

It’s hard to tell exactly where these two are going for about the first minute, but stick with it, you have SAYMYNAME and Dotcom on the track. It’s not exactly going to charm you to sleep. In fact, “too heavy” were words used by someone on Soundcloud.

Zomboy - 'Like A Bitch (Atik Remix)'

I came here for the bass, but I stayed for the comments: “What in the fuck... My lord I lost my bowels... ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) it's like edging but for my ears ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)... Wtf is going on.” And without a doubt the most accurate of all, “different good job”.

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GLOWINTHEDARK feat. Alicia Madison - 'Fire Alarm'

Keeping the hits coming hard. The first track off GLOWINTHEDARK’s Stars & Moon EP is pretty damn loud and Alicia Madison adds an extra punch. Dim Mak certainly knows how to throw a party. 

Kevin Federline feat. Crichy Crich - 'Hollywood'

Styles&Complete on the beat. Love it, hate it, in disbelief of it... I can sum up the personality of this track is in three words: Lit. Fucking lit. (It’s worth noting that 70% of viewers disliked the video on YouTube.)

Jakoban & Brevis feat. Snoop Dogg, Lox Chatterbox & Forever M.C. - 'Want To'

Snoop sounds right at home with Jakoban, but that doesn’t mean there’s no pure trap here. Prepare for a little moombah while you're at it, but whatever you do, don’t expect future. The future is way too soft for this. 

Justin Bieber - 'Sorry (Brillz Bootleg)'

Brillz takes a hit off Skrillex's major pop track, adds some future bass and then some trap on verse two. Just good new-fashioned genre-bending. 

Sia - 'Elastic Heart (Metahesh Remix)'

There is no doubt that the Diplo-produced original is good, but this is spine-tingling. It’s as if the track completely opened up to the Russian remixer, revealing a much more nostalgic and heartfelt core. The track says far less, which says much more. 

Full playlist below. Past trap charts here. 

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