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Weekly Top 10 Trap Chart - April 1, 2016

Brand new UZ, Ricky Remedy, Coyote Kisses, Falcons & Ekali among the best 10 new trap tracks. Ten free downloads.

Trap music is often criticized for being overly simplistic and cookie cutter, but this week proves otherwise. There's some party music on the list (it is Friday after all), but there's also some truly refreshing tracks in here. From big names to the the people you've never heard of. This is a work of art. 

Previous charts here. Full playlist at the bottom. 

Ricky Remedy - 'Rush'

Remedy absolutely nails it with this one. It's not like he's producing anything but fire anyway, but this one literally hits you like a pickaxe. Free DL.

All Gold - 'Yeah Hoe'

All Gold may not be well known yet, but I couldn't keep this one off the list. Vox couldn't be more filthy. If the West Coast duo is new to you, "Crauzee" should be your second impression. Free DL until Saturday. 

UZ & Oski - 'Chainsaw (ATLiens Remix)'

Hard to top the original, but ATLiens trips up the vocals and takes things a step further. Oh you thought it couldn't get slower?

Alvin Risk feat. Hodgy Beats - 'Beastmode (UZ Remix)'

Why just have one new UZ track? Fresh off Fool's Gold Records brand new release Night Shift, this remix grinds up the bounce and filters into one strong cuppa 'mode. Unfortunately, the truly amazing cover art didn't survive. 

Falcons & Ekali feat. Vanessa Elisha - 'I Won't Lie'

Few things go together as well as these three. Vanessa Elisha's voice has no trouble melting over heavy bass. Over course, this would shock no one who's heard the Aussie's previous tracks, including the luscious 'Midnight Swim'. Falcons and Ekali bring the flute. Free DL

Mardial - 'Do You Wanna Stop'

This guy is on to something. You may not of heard of him yet, but one listen of this will clean out your ears. The Indonesian producer is sounding like a soul sample master, along with his other track 'Glue'. Free DL

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Golden Features feat. Thelma Plum - 'No One (Coyote Kisses Remix)'

Trap Track of the Week The intro alone though. Seriously. It's like 15 seconds long but there's just something about it. Like an understated power to it. That is, until the two artists light it up on the drop. Hard to put my finger on it, but this remix is pulling emotions I didn't know existed. Free DL.

Soupandreas - 'Life Goes On'

16 bit industrial trap anyone? So refreshing to hear music like this. This is exactly the kind of thing that keeps Trap fresh and EDM alive. This is the right stuff. Free DL

Vaccid - 'Paper'

When you hear Biggie, you'll understand how far you are from the chill you thought you were getting yourself into. Not the first time Vaccid mixed in the hip hop icon or started a ruckus, but the mix of energy here keeps things fresh. 

Herobust - 'Weigh Home (Convex & SHARPS Remix)'

Wow. The original was good, but after hearing this, I may have to save it for my nightly lullaby. Converx & SHARPS put this on another level. Free DL

Carpainter - 'Noble Arts (foxsky's DISTORT UR LIFE Remix)'

Thought this was just a top 10 list? April Fools! Here's number 11. Probably the best prank you saw all day, right? Foxsky has appeared on this chart before, and I'm happy to say he's as good as ever this week. Once again a dissociative clash of noises that somehow fit together beautifully. I feel like I'm walking through 5 totally different NYE parties from all around the world simultaneously. In awe. Free DL

Full playlist:

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