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Weekly Top 10 Trap Chart - April 22, 2016

The new Mr Carmack 'Yellow' EP & UZ Record Label, an RL Grime NGHTMRE Remix, Hudson Mohawke, Y2K, Snavs and 8 free downloads
new mr carmack yellow ep

The hidden message in the new Mr Carmack 'Yellow' EP. (via Reddit)

Where do I begin? This past week UZ announced his own record label and dropped a new mini mix. Then there was the new Mr Carmack Yellow EP. An EP which was delivered with a USB stick that contained the above secret message. But let's not have Mr Carmack overshadow himself. He also dropped a brand new track this week with Promnite that largely went unnoticed. 

And remember that new RL Grime track from last week? The one that wasn't on Soundcloud? Well it finally is, but now NGHTMRE has entered the game. All this and we've only scratched the surface.

Here's the entire Top 10 Trap Tracks for the week (full playlist at bottom):

Dr. Fresch - 'On And On (Y2K Remix)'

Maybe I should just reserve this spot for Dr. Fresch. It seems like he's on here every week to some extent. That said, it's really Y2K who turns things up here. He makes it his own and does so in brilliant fashion.

Mr. Carmack & Promnite - 'FDT'

The one that almost got away. Promnite and Carmack have appeared on a couple tracks together in addition to the Athletixx Diplo & Friends mix from last year. Lucky to have caught this one amongst all the EP commotion. 

Snavs & Fabian Mazur - 'Streetfight'

It may not be getting quite as much attention as the collab with Yellow Claw on the same EP, but the elements of this one make more of an impact on me. The sample is spot on. 

Wildfellaz & Trapecia - 'Blow Up'

When a track makes you hear voices, you know it's good. Must be the interaction between the sped-up moombahton and slow-mo trap.

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Peacemakers feat. Kenne Blessin - 'The Flame'

The vocals sound a little off at times, but they lead the drop perfectly. Another heavy-weight party track, even if the name isn't as direct this time around

AB The Thief - 'Hurricane'

Never a dull moment with AB The Thief it seems. And now that he's incorporating 90's rave samples (or something of the like), things have reached a new level. AB has thrown Eating and Sleeping out of the equation.

New Supreme - 'Run It'

There is simply nothing I can say about this track that you could possibly hear after what happens a minute in. You have to ask yourself... Am I prepared to use sign language the rest of my life? 

Josh Pan feat. Explore & Mo Vibez - 'Killshot'

Trap Track of the Week At first I thought this was more of a closer, then I dabbled with putting it at the beginning, but it didn't seem to fit there either. You gotta love that about Josh Pan. Nothing really fits a construct. Mo Vibez is right there with Pan, too. 

RL Grime - 'Aurora (NGHTMRE Remix)'

Finally out on Soundcloud, the original RL Grime track is a beauty. But as beautiful as its ambience is, it's hard not to love this. 

Boards of Canada - 'Amo Bishop Roden (TNGHT Remix) (Hudson Mohawke Remix)'

Boards of Canada started it. TNGHT "made" it. And now Hudson Mohawke has refined it. Not that you should be excited... "this isn't some grand new single ffs," Mo notes. "This is a dum thing i made for playing out - i just uploaded the slower original version ." Well damn, I still love it!

Full Playlist:

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