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Weekly Top 10 Trap Chart - April 29, 2016

The best new trap tracks: Jayceeoh, Styles&Complete, Graves, Kayzo, Donald Bucks, Dirty Audo, ZHU and more. 8 Free Downloads.

First thing's first. ZHU's new track "My Blood" with AlunaGeorge debuted the other day on Apple Music. And while it's not trap in the traditional sense... we don't really have a "waltz" chart, which is how Zane Lowe described it. What's for sure though is that it's stunning

I don't have that track in the top 10, but I do have a few others which, quite honestly, are just as impressive if not more so. I'm talking shocking, should-be-in-a-museum impressive. But I understand some of you came to party so we'll wreck shit as well. 

Kevin Gates - '2 Phones (Jayceeoh x Styles&Complete Remix)'

There wasn't much of a beachside manner to the original, and I wasn't really expecting Jayceeoh or Styles&Complete to take it there, but that's where we've ended up. FREE DL.

Graves & Coolights - 'Say Things'

The shocking thing isn't that Graves dropped what may be the most impressive track of the year, it's who he produced it with. Coolights literally has 1 fan on Facebook as of this writing (well, two now), but his Instagram feed shows off quite a bit of talent. He's not on this track for nothing. FREE DL.

Bro Safari - 'Snap (Dirty Audio Remix)'

"I have a feeling that a lot of DJ’s are going to be reaching for this one." Bro Safari's words, not mine. This is all trap btw. No mistaking that. FREE DL.

Donald Bucks - 'Bloodclat'

Finally, the coming out party. Doesn't matter how many times you've heard this, the release is undoubtedly cause for celebration. Just don't let it overshadow the other new buck 'Lucha Libre'. More of that Jack U vibe, and more of that elefunk. FREE DL. 

Kayzo - 'Born Again'

Trap Track of the Week Off Kayzo's own, brand new label Doghouse and EP of the same name, this one is a beaut. It's the kind of track I always hope falls into trap, but never does. Better yet, it doesn't turn into a fright when the bass hits. It's tuff in it's own right, but by far the prettiest one on the EP. "I haven’t been on the hunt for too many cool down tracks lately" he told NEST HQ. 

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Breaux & Holly - 'Lionblood'

This was starting to turn into a bit of an art museum with the Kayzo, Donald Bucks and Graves/Coolights tracks. This will get you back into that "trash the place" mentality. The track is named after Charlie Sheen after all, right? Kinda? Close enough. FREE DL.

Kandy - 'Initiator (Kionne Bootleg)'

All the goods of the Kandy original, but with a much deeper drop. It's a subtle rework but it goes from just off my playlist to a no-brainer. FREE DL.

Rihanna - 'Bitch Better Have My Money (BUSTED by Herobust)'

You have to turn this one up a bit, but but once it's on a level playing field, it's pretty heavy. I feel like it could have been mastered better, but there is no denying the genius in the vocal cuts.  FREE DL

KUČKA - 'Honey (Time Pilot Remix)'

KUCKA. You may know her best for her work with Flume on 'Smoke And Retribution', but she's been dishing out milky minimalism for some time now. 'Honey' was no different until Time Pilot came along. In a collection of mixes including medasin and Jade Statues, this is the only one to add a kick. 

Drake - 'Preach (Wooshay's October Zone Remix)'

It's time you heard of Wooshay. Their previous original "A Cheap Glass Of Wine" delivered instant chills, and then there was the trop-pop gem they produced for Deanna, and their opening set for Party Favor. This one turns the too-serious-for-fun Drake track into a strong nightcap. Last-song-standing vibes. FREE DL.

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