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Weekly Top 10 Trap Chart - April 8, 2016

Best new trap tracks feat. Bro Safari, JayKode, Whiiite, BARE, Jayceeoh, Boombox Cartel, What So Not and more. 9 free downloads.

It's not who is in this week's trap chart, it's who isn't. Some pretty big names missed the cut this week – an UZ remix, Mayhem & Antiserum Remix, a new Jinco track... 

Fuck Me Superbad

But hey, don't blame me. Blame these 10 artists:

Bro Safari - 'Snap'

One of those 'just-released-it-now' tracks, I wasn't sure what to think at first. Well, this is about the equivalent of finding a winning lottery ticket in your coat pocket. Free DL.

ATLiens - 'Kingston (ATLiens & Lloyd Grand VIP)'

Back on the chart after a wild UZ remix last week. This VIP with Lloyd Grand is less stylized than the original, but that makes it a lot more party friendly. The duo has been releasing fire at a pretty crazy clip recently, and this is another one not to be missed. Free DL.

JayKode & Whiiite - 'Revelation'

Ah yes. The impossible task of follwing up his track 'Origin' with Party Thieves. How does this one with Whiiite fare? Pretty damn well. Still on that horrorshow vibe, but with less chainsaw this time. Watch out for JayKode at Coachella's TheDoLaB. Que the pianos... Free DL.

BARE & Jayceeoh - 'Jumanji'

Gotta give these two credit. There's a lot to control here, from rattle snakes, to an Eastern melody to elephants as you might have guessed. All along with the usual trap suspects. It may be kitschy, but it's also festival fire. Free DL.

Boombox Cartel & Que - 'OG Bobby Johnson'

Cannot get Bobby Johnson out of my head. Definitely darker than other recent tunes, this one makes a statement loud and clear. Should be interesting to hear their upcoming VIP mix of the NGHTMRE track, 'Aftershock', as well as their set at Lollapalooza this summer. Free DL.

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Awoltalk & Croix - 'Midnight Special'

Trap Track of the Week: This is stunning. The production value is through the roof and the cinematic elements blend in beautifully. This track has more going for it in one bar than most do in their entirety. Free DL.

Debroka & TYNVN - 'Wonderbread'

They really make you want that drop. Especially the second time around. You'll be begging for it. Free DL.

Ninja Funk - 'Need That'

Ninja Funk play nice at first, but there's no doubt they've come to cause a scene. This may induce involuntary loss of muscle control. Free DL.

King Peanuts - 'Playing Around'

Sample master King Peanuts drops another gem just one week after he premiered another stunner, 'All About You'. Like that track, this one burns slow, but the flame is more intense here. Free DL.

What So Not & Ganz feat. JOY - 'Lone'

We finally get to hear Emoh without Flume. The latter had been throwing out masterpiece after masterpiece it seemed, while his former partner-in-music remained quiet. I was getting a little worried, but this clears that up. This isn't so much a song as it is encapsulated emotion, and that's what I love most about it. They may be a bit melancholy, but the feels are real. 

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