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Deadmau5 has become one of the most iconic figures in modern dance music, with his name and mau5 head helmet being known by millions even outside the industry. He has been nominated for numerous Grammy's and taken the world by storm with his social media antics and brazen opinions. But who was Joel Zimmerman before he became the outspoken idol that he is today? 

A filmmaker named Michael McCrudden has an incredibly interesting video series on YouTube called "Before They Were Famous," and now he's turned his attention to our masked trendsetter. 

We admit it can sound very tabloid to care about who the artist was before he was famous, but that's not necessarily true. This time around we aren't looking at what ridiculous thing Deadmau5 said or who he's arguing with on social media at the moment. We're going deeper, focusing on the man behind the mask.

When taking a look at who Deadmau5 was before it all happened, guess what? He's just like you and me! He's a normal person who just happened to be a big nerd and channeled his love for electronics in the best way possible.

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Check out the "Before They Were Famous" episode below:

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