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Why Coachella Weekend Two Is Better Than Weekend One

Coachella weekend one is a festival to be seen at, Coachella weekend two is a festival to see.
Coachella (photo by Alan Paone)

Coachella (photo by Alan Paone)

Every year there is the debate between which weekend of Coachella is better, weekend one or two?

Weekend one attendees are still trying to recover and recuperate after the first leg of the momentous event. If you were there, did you have fun? Did you get into exclusive VIP pool parties? Did you make sure to Snapchat, Instagram and blog the whole thing so everyone knows just how awesome your life is? It definitely looked amazing I can tell you that, and all your friends that didn't get to be there will tell you about the FOMO they had watching your Story. 

That's a lot of what weekend one is about. The idea of going to Coachella, especially in the digital age, instead of the actually act of going to Coachella. 

Don't get me wrong, weekend one is still a hell of a lot of fun and the insane amounts of anticipation throughout the year all comes together in one perfect weekend, but honestly, it's the superficial version of Coachella. 

It's no wonder why everyone thinks weekend one is the greatest thing in the world with the entire internet exploding about it. 

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So why is weekend two better?

Weekend Two Is More About The Music

The amazing Coachella VIP parties are fun, but they are mostly a place for celebs, wannabe celebs, models and wannabe models to load up on free booze and swag and just be seen. Weekend one is full of a crazy list of such events that are crowded with the coolest people in the coolest fashion hanging out on their phones, taking pictures and finding the perfect hashtag, not talking to each other. Trust us, we were there.

However, weekend two has far less of these parties, which encourages people to actually go to the festival more and watch the artists perform. There are less people focusing solely on their Instagram, because if they were, they would be late to the party. Everyone has already seen a thousand Coachella pictures, they don't need to see more. So instead, people tend to actually put their phones down and move their feet. 

The Music Is Better 

You may think that all the surprises are ruined with weekend one special guests already being known and the live performances and sets buzzing around the web. This isn't true at all. Performers at Coachella know that their sets from weekend one will be all over the internet, that gives them more incentive to step it up for the second weekend. They can't be playing the exact same thing twice and with the exact same special guest. Instead, artists try to do it bigger, they bring out bigger artists as special guests and more of them. They change up their set to have more surprises and they focus on the music being the best that it possibly can be. Remember how unenthusiastic Outkast was weekend one of 2014, well weekend two they had the performance of their lives. Things like that happen all the time, with weekend two just getting better performances all around. 

Everything Is More Relaxed

Everyone at weekend one seems to be aggressively pushing their way to the front or trying to get backstage just to get the perfect picture or god forbid, network (I say that because artists at this festival are just trying to have fun, not talk about your fire mixtape etc). Weekend two, however, is far more relaxed. People are there to simply enjoy the vibes. It feels like a massive loving family, instead of a heap of cattle trying to push their way around from stage to stage. It has a more old school hippie festival vibe, where people are genuinely just trying to have as much fun as possible with as many people as possible and listen to the best music possible. 

So if you have the chance, and don't care much about your social media followers knowing how much fun you are having at Coachella weekend one, we definitely suggest checking out weekend two. Even with hotter temperatures this year it is always vastly more chill. 

[cover image via Coachella]

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