Can't make it to the desert? Immerse yourself in the full Coachella experience from the comfort of your own home.

YouTube announced earlier today that they will be showcasing their new 360-degree live stream video functionality just in time for Coachella weekend 2.

The use of 360-degree video has been growing over the past year, but YouTube will be the first to bring these capabilities to a live stream. As the dominant video platform, and with backing from Google, it makes sense that YouTube will be the first to utilize live streaming in such a revolutionary way. 

They have yet to confirm which sets will be available for 360-degree viewing, but as they release this information we will keep you posted. 

The best part about all of this is that the 360-degree experience can be paired with Coachella's virtual reality experience that was announced earlier this year. Along with a new spatial audio feature, this may very well become the ultimate viewing and listing experience other than attending the festival first hand. 

More info via Youtube.

[above photo by Alan Paone]

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