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2ToneDisco is a production duo from Los Angeles who are pushing the boundaries of electronic music fueled by their passion for video games, fashion, and Japanese culture. Members Omni Rutledge and James Campbell joined forces back in 2013 after meeting at a local Arizona club and have since combined artistic ideals to create music that defies classification. Their most recent offering comes in the form of 'Headset Radio', a high energy barrage of playful textures with a dreamy melodic break that brings it all together.

When describing their vision behind the new track, 2ToneDisco said, "One of my (Omni) favorite games is 'Jet Set Radio' for the Sega Dreamcast so we thought it would be a good idea to release a kind of tribute to it. In the game, the characters were constantly listening to this really high energy, bizarre, eclectic, chopped up music on these radio headsets they had so the name is a reference to those. I'd like to think those characters would listen to something like 'Headset Radio'."

If you like what you hear, be sure to catch 2ToneDisco at Miku Expo: Digital Stars this Thursday, May 5th. Purchase Tickets

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[photo credit: Anastasia Velicescu/@stassievee]

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