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Akomplice Tap Ricky Powell and David Flores for New Collaborative Collection

The artists combine their own distinct styles to deliver a truly unique collection
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Over the years Akomplice has grown to become one of the more well respected street wear brands in the industry. Their focus on fashion and the urban mentality comes together in a cohesive blend to deliver their own motif. With that idea in mind, Akomplice recently tapped two iconic artists for their new collection which features a unique representation of pop culture.

For their latest creative project, Akomplice enlisted friends and artists, Ricky Powell and David Flores. The collaborative collection features creative illustration and photography expressed across multiple mediums in the Powell, Flores and Akomplice wheelhouse. This includes an iconic bedrock of Ricky Powell portraits featuring luminaries in the arts, music and sports world, but adapted by David Flores in his signature stained glass style. The result is a series of striking visuals that adorn Akomplice canvases including skate decks, custom fit organic cotton t-shirts, as well as limited edition artist prints and arguably the collection standout, the West Coast Mean Mug.

The collection further flames the fires that both Flores and Powell have been creating with their art as of late. Flores is set to cover a massive mural space at the Robert F. Kennedy School in Los Angeles alongside Shepard Fairey, while Powell is prepping for his book, The Individualist, which is set to drop on 1XRun this summer.

The collaborative collection can be found on the Akomplice Webstore.

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