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Azealia Banks Gets Dropped from Festival After Going on Racist and Homophobic Rant

Azealia Banks called Zayn Malik a "curry scented bitch" and worse
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From reading through Azealia Banks' recent Tweets, it looks like the singer is really angry at the world. She seems to be picking fights with every person who responds to her in opposition and is holding nothing back. Celebrities on social media really are quite entertaining, and disturbing.

It may be entertaining for us, but now Azealia's outburst has brought on consequences. Let's take a look at what sparked all this hate and where the recent Twitter eruption occurred.

Yesterday on Instagram, Azealia called out Zayn Malik for supposedly copying her style. The images below do have their similarities, but Zayn responded swiftly saying that he didn't really care about what she thought. 

Then the floodgates opened with Azealia unleashing a barrage of insults directed at the former One Direction star who is currently embarking on a solo career. She called him a "paki", 'sand nigga', 'faggot', and a "curry scented bitch". She even attacked Zayn's mother, describing her as “a dirty refugee who won’t be granted asylum”.

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Zayn apparently kept quiet during all of this and seemed startled, but Azealia said he posted her phone number, which has since been deleted.

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The tirade caught the attention of many in the music industry who saw Azealia's outburst as totally uncalled for and grossly inappropriate. Many UK artists like TeeBee, Lily Allen, MNEK, P Money and more expressed their opposition. Logan Sama even said if Azealia was playing Rinse | Born & Bred Festival he would be boycotting it. All of this would eventually lead to Azealia being dropped from the festival, which was officially reported on Instagram.

Azealia continues to feud with people on Twitter today, more recently going after Skai Jackson, Toddla T, and a host of others for sticking up for Zayn or supporting UK Grime and Hip Hop. 

She also further revealed her support for Donald Trump, which really doesn't have much to do with her getting dropped from Rinse | Born & Bred Festival, but it's opened up a deeper discussion with people on Twitter as well.

Some will remember when Ten Walls went on a homophobic rant last year, which got him dropped from all of his upcoming gigs and it seemed like he went into hiding, until he came back with a string of gigs this year. Azealia Banks still has her career intact, but for how long?

[via: FACT]

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