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Bankrupt 50 Cent Stars in Parody Episode of MTV Cribs from a Youth Hostel

It's not a mansion, but 50 Cent takes us through a very nice hostel in Barcelona
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Back in the glory days of MTV, 50 Cent was featured showing off his mansion on one of the network's most popular shows, MTV Cribs. Now he's been featured in a parody episode, taking viewers on a tour of a hostel in Barcelona.

The rapper has fallen on hard times as of late, amidst financial difficulties he filed for bankruptcy last year. Then he further complicated his situation by posing with piles of cash. This prompted the court to bring him in to explain why he had so much money. He later expressed that the cash was in fact fake.

The new parody video, titled In Da Hostel With 50 Cent! sees the rapper take us through a hostel in Barcelona, which definitely looks like a nice place to stay. 

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"Hostelworld, introduced 50 Cent to hostel life on his recent trip to Barcelona, allowing him to enjoy all the bling without the sting."

Watch the episode of Hostelworld below, and see "where all the magic happens."

[via: Business Insider]

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