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Borgore: The Bad Boy Of EDM Is Also A Mentor To Young Artists

Borgore truly takes the time to mentor young producers and help them become full-blown touring artists
Borgore (photo by Oliver Scherillo/Wikimedia Commons)

Borgore (photo by Oliver Scherillo/Wikimedia Commons)

Asaf Borger, better known as Borgore, is an Israeli dubstep producer known for his hyper-sexualized branding and leading a rat pack of ratchetry. However, in Los Angeles,  he is also known for much more than throwing ridiculous and raunchy parties, he's a mentor.

Borgore is a staple in the Los Angeles music scene. With his label Buygore adamantly searching for new artists and helping them become established in the industry, he has helped talented musicians get their foothold in the industry and go from starving producers to successful touring artists. So why does Borgore go out of his way to help other producers so tenaciously? It's about building a family.

Patrick Shannon of LA Weekly did an inspiring interview with Borgore covering his upbringing and how that affects him today, in business and in life.

“I always worry about everything all the time. There’s no shutting it off. That’s why I cannot sleep too much,” Borgore explained. With a Vegas residency at Foxtail, a string of headlining festival dates and a record label demanding his constant attention, he credits his tightly woven Isreali family with helping him maintain his sanity. 

“Sometimes it’s hard for people [in America] to understand it,” he said, adding with a laugh, “It’s almost like a communist family cell. Everything I own, they own. But outside [the family] we are very capitalist. We’re here to win it."    

Buygore's Hella Lit Wednesday - Jennica Mae Photography

Buygore's Hella Lit Wednesday - Jennica Mae Photography

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He founded Buygore after struggling to place his own lyrically controversial and sonically abusive dubstep on other labels, but he didn't settle with only releasing his own music. He also wanted to develop a nurturing environment for overlooked, talented producers.  

He brings his strong familial tendencies and applies them to artists that he signs, bringing them into the Buygore family, a thing that all struggling producers in LA witness and sometimes envy. The Buygore family runs deep and sticks together, and this can partially be attributed to their success, they support each other. 

One of the most recognized EDM tracks in recent years, Jauz’s 'Feel the Volume', was originally released on the label as a free download before it got picked up and distributed by Diplo’s Mad Decent Records. Following the track’s success, Borgore and Jauz met in the studio to produce 'Lindsay Lohan', which has amassed over 1.5 million plays on Buygore’s SoundCloud account.  

“Think of Buygore as a blog. We take music from all of these people and we use Buygore and Borgore’s social media to help them promote their music,” Borgore explained. “It’s not just about releasing the music. It’s about culture.”

Once acts are adopted by the label, they are put on the shortlist to share the marquee at Buygore’s notorious parties. Earlier this year the label threw two sold-out events during Miami Music Week that featured several L.A. locals including Getter and Jauz; Buygore also curated an up-and-coming lineup at Space Yacht, the popular Tuesday night event in Hollywood.

The label is continuing its close-knit party tradition with Hella Lit, a monthly residency at Sound that ties new Buygore artists with established headliners. He will also be headlining the Magnetic Magazine Pool Party at SLS in Las Vegas for EDC Weekend, so keep your eyes out for that one.

Many artists that make it big resist bringing others with them. They may just enjoy the spotlight for themselves and perhaps they don't realize there's enough attention to go around. But the best artists in the industry, who truly experience longevity, know that building a family is of the utmost importance. Borgore clearly is aware of this and his Buygore crew is as strong as ever.


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