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Calvin Harris Ticket Prices are Reportedly 150% More Expensive for Men than Women

Is this sexist?
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Price discrimination is outlawed in various states across the US, including California, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, but some venues in various areas, such as Las Vegas, NV, seem to be taking advantage of their authoritative powers. 

As first reported by The Telegraph, ticket prices to see Calvin Harris at Omnia Nightclub in Las Vegas are outrageously disproportionate with regards to what sex you are. A woman's ticket costs $40.00, while a men's ticket is priced at $100.00. This increase of 150% has many fans confused as to why this is so. 

We have yet to hear any word from the nightclub regarding the situation, but this tactic is most likely used to ensure that the ratio between women and men is tipped in favor of females. It is Las Vegas after all. 

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News Editor for NY Mag, Jessica Roy, tweeted about the situation, saying "this is definitely either sexist or feminist but it can't be both or neither".

Of course, this is not the first time the price of admission has been different for men and women, as we've seen countless times that women will be offered free admission to certain venues while men will have to pay for a ticket (in NYC anyway). So this is not something new, although the 150% price hike is an interesting tactic. 

Martin Daubney, former editor of Loaded, had this to say: "It seems the Harris event is trying the same tawdry tactic: charge girls less, then rip off the men who live the forlorn dream they will go to a club full of lithe females."

The Telegraph is calling Omnia sexist for this recent move, and in a way it is, there is an obvious difference in price after all. But it's hard to say what the nightclub's intentions are without an official statement, which we will share with you if or when it is given. 

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