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Cartoonist Reimagines Grime MCs JME, Skepta, Wiley and more as Pokémon Cards

A favorite from our youth is now given new life with the music industry's burgeoning artists


Pop culture is constantly evolving, but certain aspects seem to remain constant, we love things that remind us of our past in a creative way. 

With that in mind, many will remember collecting Pokémon cards in their childhood, and sure, maybe people still collect them today. But for most of us it was a time in our youth when we allowed ourselves to get lost in a fantasy world where little animals battled and trainers went on adventures. Now a cartoonist named Ben Gore is taking that nostalgia and fusing it with our favorite Grime MCs, artists that are truly breaking ground in the music industry.

Gore has created a series of 20 cards that feature Grime's leading artists like Wiley, Skepta, JME, and more, and depicts them as Pokémon. He gets inventive with the character's statistics, like JME being vegan, a special card representing all members of Section Boyz, and even clever names for their "powers". Check out a selection from the series below which is set to be available for purchase later this year. 

This also isn't the first time he's taken popular musicians on a series of unique cards. Last year he fused Hip Hop's leading fugures with Tarot Cards. Check out that selection here.

View Ben Gore's blog for more of his work.

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