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Boys Noize Has to Shut Down His Set, Plus Clash Between Police and Protesters at MayDay

Video footage of violence between protesters and police, along with Boys Noize performing in the streets of Berlin
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Violence erupted at the MayDay celebration in Berlin where thousands flocked to the streets to revel in the party atmosphere that occurs annually. Boys Noize was scheduled to perform, but his set had to be cut short due to a separate riot that erupted between protesters and police. 

Boys Noize's gig was shut down simply because it was illegal, DIY, and they did it without permits. The police watched it for 90 minutes and then kindly asked him to stop the show. Videos from the event show a rowdy crowd, but not violent, which is nothing new to Boys Noize performances. In fact, this was seen as one of the more extreme MayDay events in recent history as violence has become somewhat of a rarity with most people looking to enjoy the live performances and street party. People on Twitter were actually complaining that there were "more cameras rolling than stones being thrown."

View videos from Boys Noize's performance where he played most of the tracks from his new album, aptly titled MayDay.

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