Deadmau5 Asks The Weeknd to Collaborate and Shares New Music

Deadmau5 could break through into Pop if the collaboration comes together

Considering he called out Skrillex for being a "sell-out" when he collaborated with Justin Bieber, this new message from Deadmau5 has fans stunned and excited.

The producer was recently experimenting in the studio and came up with a catchy new tune. He took to Twitter to share the new material and paired it with an offer directed at pop vocalist The Weeknd to lay down some vocals.

This proposed collaboration could be nothing more than Deadmau5 joking or simply testing the water, we really never know with him, but it's enough to get the industry buzzing about the possibilities. With that being said, it sounds like Deadmau5 is semi serious. At the very least he thinks The Weeknd is more of an artist than Justin Bieber, as he remarked about the proposed collaborator, “he’s an okay guy” and “he can sing good and do other stuff good too.”

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Listen to the new tracks below and just imagine what it would be like to pair it with The Weeknd's vocals. 

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