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Deadmau5 is Planning to Leave Soundcloud Altogether, Account is No Longer Active

Deadmau5 unleashes his anger at the streaming service

As you probably know, Deadmau5's Soundcloud account was "hacked" and held for ransom this week, by a collective called Our Mine. They threatened to release his private information and use it as a forum to show him how not to be hacked in the future... as if that makes sense.

This prompted Deadmau5 to go off on a tirade against Soundcloud after receiving an email back from their security team. The more he tweets, he becomes increasingly frustrated and threatens to delete his account only to discover that it has been frozen. 

Deadmau5 has ceased his rant for now, supposedly because his girlfriend was bitten by a goat, but we don't expect it to be over just yet. We also don't know why his account is frozen, but it may be for security purposes so that Soundcloud can investigate who hacked him. That being said, it may be too late for the site to get back in his good graces, as his fuckmylife username has apparently been snatched up.

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Although this isn't the first time Deadmau5 has claimed to be quitting a community site, e.i. quitting Twitter once before, this time it coincides perfectly with Spotify's announcement of their new mix/DJ friendly initiative. If one of Soundcloud's biggest users drifts away from the site, that could spell trouble for the streaming platform.

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