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Deadmau5 Drops First New Single in Two Years, Listen to 'Snowcone'

Deadmau5 releases his new single 'Snowcone' and it's a groovy chiller

Deadmau5 started this week off with a twitter rant directed at Soundcloud for their poor security measures, referring to his account recently being hacked. Luckily, Joel didn't end the week with angry vibes, as he decided to release a new single titled 'Snowcone', his first in nearly two years.

'Snowcone' is an infectiously groovy, chill track that keeps you moving throughout. It possesses an old-school hip hop vibe with an 808 snare and swing. In true Deadmau5 form, the song progresses, as new elements build the emotion and energy of the track. He's clearly in prime form on this one. It might not be the dance oriented motif fans are looking for, but this song is brilliant in every way. 

If this is an introduction to his new album, which should be coming very soon, we can definitely expect more forward thinking music to follow. Stay tuned and enjoy the new material.

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