Last week, the rising talent known simply as REZZ dropped a standout remix of 'Without A Trace' by Kill The Noise that had the whole industry buzzing. She's been tearing it up lately thanks to her distinct brand of electronic music that's littered with originality and grit. We clearly haven't found anyone with a similar sound and her sonic output is truly a breath of fresh air.

With all the hype being built up we thought it necessary to dig a little deeper into her music. Although she's only been sharing material for little over two years, there's plenty of her music out there. So we found ourselves looking at REZZ's other Soundcloud account, "REZZ Secret tunes(;". Here she lays out select edits in order to give even more insight into her production style.

The REZZ edit of Deadmau5 above is definitely a standout unreleased track, and as she's signed to his mau5trap label, we might expect to find a remix of hers on an official release in the near future. 

Listen to the most recent upload from her secret tunes account below and be sure to check back for more new music coming soon.

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