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It used to be that DJs did basically one thing – show up and rock a party, then leave. Lather. Rinse. Repeat. But in today's crowded field and the always-on, attention-deprived digital world, superstar spinners have to be media personalities as well. Few wear this hat as effectively as Dillon Francis. His social media game is off-the-chain, using his remarkable acting chops and self-effacing comedic instincts to connect directly with fans. A huge part of his appeal is that he has a laugh at the overhyped "EDM" lifestyle, as is evidence in the official music video for 'Not Butter'. Now Francis has teamed up with the director of that video, Brandon Dermer, to bring you DJ World, a comedic short-form series for YouTube starring Nick Colletti, Tanner Petulla [Getter], and Francis himself playing multiple characters.

Using MTV's seminal but easily lampooned Real World as the template, DJ World puts six aspiring jocks in a house together as they try to ascend the treacherous social ladder of the electronic dance community and compete for the grand prize of "$5,000 and a Free Trip to Vegas." Francis and Dermer manage to simultaneously take the piss out of wannabe DJ archetypes and reality television.  

Details about the series have been closely guarded, but now Episode 1 has debuted and you can watch it below.        

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Subscribe to the Dillon Francis YouTube channel to catch every biweekly episode. The complete schedule follows:

Season 1 Schedule                                                                           

May 24 - DJ World Episode #1
May 26 - DJ World Episode #2
May 31 - DJ World Episode #3
June 2 - DJ World Episode #4
June 7 - DJ World Episode #5
June 9 - DJ World Episode #6
June 14 - DJ World Episode #7

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