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Dr Meaker Shares the Video for Heartfelt Drum and Bass Ballad, 'Remedy'

A rush of emotion takes over on Dr Meaker's new tune, made complete with a gray-scale video
Dr Meaker

Dr Meaker

With their new album set to drop on Circus Records July 1st, Bristol's shining Drum and Bass dons Dr Meaker are showing all signs of becoming a driving force leading into the future. Recently we have been graced with a taste of new material by way of a music video for their heartfelt ballad, 'Remedy'. 

A deep, atmospheric bass is brilliantly complimented by a beautiful siren-like synth, while the infectious percussive riff carries the track through. Plus Romaine Smith serenading a melancholy verse hits all the right marks. As Dr Meaker describes it:

"'Remedy' is a song about the feeling you get, when you know what you need but cannot have it and you cannot escape the consequences of not having it. Most people can relate to this feeling. Its particularly poignant to those that have loved and lost. The video mimics that feeling of being trapped. We are so excited to be able to get this song out there for people to relate to... 'You're my only Remedy'."

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Dr Meaker are set to release their new album Dirt & Soul via Circus Records on July 1, 2016. Pre-order

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