This weekend, Hospitality well and truly Returned To Brixton. A Hospital Records night at the O2 Academy is ever legendary and guarantees two things - a quality line-up and a damn good time. The  blowout featured Fred V & Grafix on warmup duties,  Maduk debuting his first album on the label and Camo & Krooked working the crowd into a right lather. The sprawling venue morphed into a sweating, rolling ocean and all was well in the drum and bass world. But what to do when the morning after strikes, leaving us all thinking, what's next? Well. Hospital has next leveled their summer BBQ plans to bring you their first label run London festival - Hospitality In The Park. 

As balm for our post-rave depression in the aftermath of the Brixton show, we thought we'd lay down the skinny for you. You, my friends, are in for a treat...


5 Stages. Count 'em!

Watch us break 'em down (inexpertly but overall enthusiastically) for you.

Dub Phizix & Strategy's Well Good Do

The background info: If you aren't tripping over the opening bars of 'Buffalo' in your head already then shame on you! Bound to be a hoard of street credible beats streaming from this tent. The Manc duo are well known for their cheek and side moonlighting in the mashup crew 'Levelz'.

Who you're likely to catch [TBC]: Erm. Probs Dub Phizix. And Strategy. Definitely him. Your guess is as good as ours - watch this space. Buffalo!



The background info: Rampage has gleaned a wee reputation for one's self over the past 20 years as one of Europe's largest drum and bass (and dubstep) parties. 

Who you're likely to catch: FUNTCASE.....The Upbeats. The Prototypes. The down and the dirty. Wouldn't be surprised if ShyFX popped his head up and all... 

Soul In Motion Meets Med School

Etherwood and Keeno Extremo b2b@Brixton

Etherwood and Keeno Extremo b2b@Brixton

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The background info: In the words of the promo video (lazy!) 'London's finest mid-week residency meets 10 Years of Med School' gold.

Who you're likely to catch [TBC]: I'd say Keeno Extremo is a good bet. I would die if Royalston came, but Australia is bloody far away so perhaps someone small on the In Motion side instead, Goldie or something...

RAM Records Tent

Haaaaaa just yanking your chain - you're at the wrong festival bruv!!



The background info: What it say on the tin. London Elek won't be able to resist tangling his hard hitters in this tent, you mark my words. Tasty, tasty, tasty...

Who you're likely to catch: The big boys. I'm saying Frafix, I'm seeing High Contrast...Maduk, Etherwood and Sir S.P.Y....


Enough yabber! When it be? 
24th September - a Saturday - a one day ting. 11am until 10.30 - that's 11 hours of skank and half an hour to wrap your chops around choice foods like Smokestak, pizza by Voodoo Rays, burgers by Le Bun and CHIPS by Chip Chip Hooray.

But where?
Finsbury Park, North London...Fly if you have to! I promise you, it will not be a wasted trip.

But I don't live in London oi - where can I kip?
A myriad of options await you and Hospital have taken the time to smash some of them together, here. If it were up to me, you'd all be on my floor, but this seems the more sensible alternative!

Finally, most importantly, where can you go to get amongst it?

Purchase Tickets HERE!
Tickets from £37

For more (well informed) announcements, check - 
the website/Twitter/Facebook/yoself before you wreck yoself.

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