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Fabio & Grooverider Share Highlights and Top Tracks for 25 Years of Drum & Bass

We link up with two legendary figures in the realm of drum and bass, who are set to release a compilation chronicling the genre's shining moments
Fabio & Grooverider

Fitzroy and Raymond

Fitzroy Heslop and Raymond Bingham - Sir Fabio and Sir Grooverider respectively - are legendary in the realms of dutty drum and bass. The lads inspire levels of awe and respect from those who revere the Jungle genre and, after 25 successful years of bass bromance, they have funneled their experience and expertise into an expansive release. Fabio & Grooverider: 25 Years of Drum & Bass is a compilation album with handpicked tunes that take you on a chronological journey through the life cycle of the genre.  

In their own words, the bad brothers have outlined five of their highlights from the compilation. Take it away F&G - fill us in on what made the cut!

"Terminator" - Goldie Presents Rufige Kru 

Terminator changed the game in a lot of ways; the combination of timestretching (a new technology) and Goldie’s ferocious inventiveness make this a one off bonafide classic. We remember hearing this track for the first time at huge drum 'n' bass wedding event in Northampton...It was a jaw dropping moment and one we will never forget...

"Alien Girl" - Ed Rush, Optical and Fierce (1998)

Alien Girl came at a critical time for d&b. Garage had taken over, Jungle had died and many were put off by how technical drum 'n' bass had become. Then came 'Alien Girl' released on Grooverider's Prototype Label and it threw the book of technique out of the window! Big bassline and superb production elevates this track to greatness. 

"Return of Forever"- High Contrast  (2002)

I (Fabio) remember Lincoln (High Contrast) calling me and saying he had something he wanted to send me ASAP for my radio show. He was usually reserved and this was not like him to be excited about anything. He sent it by mail and I got it a few days later and I recall ripping open the package. This was like Christmas had come early! After the first minute I called him back and said ‘WTF man, ‘Return' is insane'; the sweeping strings, rolling bass and cinematic quality makes this my favourite track by one of the liquid legends.

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"Warhead (Steppa Mix)" - DJ Krust (2006)

Krust is a scientist - one of dnb's all time great producers... Up there with the Dillinjahs and Photeks of this world. He along with Roni Size and the Full Cycle Gang owned the late 90’s. Krust was on a roll, after making the legendary 'Soul in Motion' he switched it up and came with this killer. A slice of minimal funk that sounds as fresh as it did on its initial release many years ago. A pleasure to have it on the album.

"Just Wanna Be" - Carlito and Addiction (2002)

A take on Soft Cells 'Tainted Love’, this is a great liquid banger. Carlito and Addiction were one of the first artists I (Fabio) signed to my label Creative Source; the duo had made many fine tunes. Addiction was a resident at my night Swerve and as I was about to step up to the decks one night, he saved his best track until last. It was 'Jus Wanna Be’ and it had all the elements that make a great dab track; Funky, well produced/arranged and most importantly, it had a vibe. It still gets smashed in my old skool sets to this day. This is a banger of the highest order!

If you thirst for more, Fabio & Grooverider will be up on Friction's BBC Radio1 show on May 31st.

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 25 Years of Drum & Bass compilation is out on Hot Source Records - Get It Now

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