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Fake Facebook Events Are Trending And Are Absolutely Hilarious

The events are making fun of popular troupes regarding superstar artists

Catching exclusive performances of your favorite band or artist in a small venue is something most fans literally dream of. These last few weeks have been filled with Facebook invites to such events that are proclaiming superstar artists have begun booking gigs at the most intimate locales.

Fake Facebook events, promising unbelievable performances are being created and have even been trending all over social media as of late. Events at regular stores or restaurants that boast live performances from some of the biggest artists in the world are being used as marketing schemes to bring attention to said establishment.

There have been events promoting Deadmau5 performing at a Petco, Smash Mouth playing a broken down Pizza Parlor, and my personal favorite, Fetty Wap performing at Lenscrafters. Some of these events, such as the live Drake performance at the Atlanta Hooters, have upwards of 10K interested in attending. It’s an incredible marketing campaign for these establishments, although we don’t even know if any of the establishments are directly connected to the Facebook events in any way.

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Although it should be incredibly easy to tell that these Facebook events are fake, some fans are falling for the façade. Scrolling through the comments on many of these Facebook events it becomes clear that, while most people realize that these events are a farce and turn it into a joke, some people are truly being duped. Asking, “Is this real? How can I get tickets?” or posing other seemingly sincere inquiries about set-times or cover charges spawns internet trolls to reply with imaginary answers. While we wish we didn’t have to ruin the celebration for some of you; these events are a joke. They aren’t real, although they would be hilarious.

Some of the events play perfectly on the satire of the artists troupes. Events like Fetty Wap playing at a Lenscrafters, when it is widely known that Fetty Wap lost his left eye. Deadmau5 playing at Petco pokes fun at the idea of a mouse being a pet, and as such the artist supports his local pet store. Some of them go deeper, such as the widely popular event where Drake is playing at Hooters. Drake memes and jokes buzz around the internet in a tireless yet hilarious stream. Many of them refer to Drake’s song lyrics always being about an ex-girlfriend or a bad girl that he wants to tame and help emerge from a poor situation. With the famous line “I’m just sayin’ you could do better!” being the tagline for many of these memes, the irony of Drake playing at a Hooters is incredibly witty, as jokesters would assume he would try to get all the working girls to quit their jobs by paying for their college tuitions.


Fake Facebook events aren’t a new thing, but in the past most of them used fake locations. We are assuming that this new wave of fake Facebook events is meant to be witty jokes, and as such we are fairly amused. So keep your eye out for these events, don’t fall for the ploy, and have some fun seeing if you can catch the jokes that are featured in the choice of artists and location.

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