For the heavier side of bass music, Figure is an artist that is as recognizable as any. Over the past few years he's risen the ranks to become a go-to source for the darker textures and sound design found in dance music, never being pigeonholed to one specific genre. His distinct ripping style is unmistakable as he tends to mix in horror samples to create his own unique blend. With that theme in mind, Figure has progressed the culture deeper into the depths of electronic music with a haunting motif.

To get us ready for his upcoming release on 12th Planet's influential label SMOG Records, Figure supplies us with the SMOG Podcast Episode #51. Fresh off a tour with Excision, Figure describes the vision behind the new mix:

"I just got off a 2 and a half month tour with Excision, it really amped my sets up energy wise. I wanted to showcase what my sets are like these days. Now I play tons of music from my friends and producers I think are killing it right now."

Listen to the mix below and check back for the premiere of Figure's new track, 'Chew You To Pieces' featuring Kill Rex, coming tomorrow.

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