Floating Points, a.k.a Sam Shepherd, recently announced the Kuiper EP, featuring two tracks that coincide with his latest musical endeavors performing with an 11-piece band. 

Following last year’s critically acclaimed debut album Elaenia, Shepherd has been revealing more aspects to his artistry, evolving as a musician by showcasing just how dynamic his sound can be. Now as we get closer to his next release, we are graced with an 18-minute ballad filled with jazzy elements and an overall ethereal flair.

“Since starting a band to realise the music from my LP, it has sparked a deep interest in the band itself, and so Kuiper is the result of playing with Leo, Alex and Susumu. Each time we play it, its completely different. We set the scene with electronics, and some drum machines that form the foundation to allow the unfurling of the rest of the track. The version on this EP – believe it or not – was recorded at 8am!" - Floating Points

Listen to the new track below and be sure to check out the live performance of the track as well.

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Kuiper EP is set to be released July 22nd via Luaka Bop in the US and Shepherd’s own label PLUTO in the UK. Pre-order from Floating Points store or Luaka Bop.

[photo by Camille Blake]

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