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Gear Review: Arturia Microbrute

It may be called "micro", but the sound of is big
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Analog synthesizers have made a huge comeback in the past ten years. Initially the standard of making music, they were replaced with more convenient and futuristic software synths that took synthesis to a whole new level. Of course, that's not to say that analog ever died, but like vinyl, the glory days had indeed come and gone. Or so we thought.

Also like vinyl, and as already stated, analog synthesizers have seen a huge resurgence in popularity. The reasons are endless, but a major one being that producing genres such as electronic music lost their sense of realness when everything went "inside the box". Rewind to 2013 when Arturia, a company known for their faithful software versions of famous vintage synths released the Microbrute. A 100% analog, single oscillator synthesizer, and smaller brother to their Minibrute.

In our video review, we show you our favorite features of this little beast, and show you the power of a real analog synthesizer that won't break your bank.  

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