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Gear Review: Antelope Orion Studio Audio Interface

We gave it a test run and found out how powerful this piece of equipment actually is
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If you are a producer or performing artist that records multi-track audio, you may know the struggles of trying to find a solid audio interface that can handle a powerful workload. Recording multiple audio signals simultaneously without compromising sonic quality or adding latency is extremely difficult without shelling out $5,000 or more. Antelope Audio has gone out of their way to solve this issue with the Orion Studio.

Antelope Audio is a company that is known for extremely high-end, and relatively high-priced gear. So when they announced the Orion Studio thunderbolt and USB AD/DA converter for $2,795.00 I was a little skeptical. Here is a company that makes audio interfaces at the pro level for much more than that — why were they suddenly making a consumer product and at such a low price point? Did they sacrifice any audio quality to put this analog I/O converter into a single rack? The price may still be high for many home studios, but compared to other less powerful and versatile pro audio alternatives, the Orion Studio is a steal.   

The Antelope Audio Orion Studio sets a new benchmark for high-quality audio interfaces. The company took the best features of their acclaimed Zen Studio and Orion32, improved upon them, and delivered the cutting-edge Orion Studio. The production equipment boasts 12 high-end mic preamps as well as an on-board FPGA engine that powers multiple hardware-grade effects. With the Thunderbolt circuit, the Orion also boasts incredibly low latency.


Orion Studio may be a piece of gear, but don’t let that fool you. This is a top-notch professional tool with sonic quality that could directly compete with other products well outside its price range. Suitable for both professional studios and home recordings, the Orion Studio delivers 32 channels of pristine audio.

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It also comes with Antelope Audio’s own software, making it simple to operate and control the routing matrix, four separate mixers and the intelligent DSP effects. The software is available for both OS X and Windows operating systems, so you don’t have to worry about which system you're working on.


In summary, Orion Studio is a powerhouse if I’ve ever experienced one. Having more capabilities than most multi-interface systems, it saves studio space and enhances sonic capabilities at the same time. With some of the best sounding built-in effects, including a reverb, EQ, and compressor, the product is all you need to record professional quality audio. If you have the money, or are just planning on stepping up your recording game, this unit is perfect for you. With Orion Studio, you can increase your income from recording sessions due to the increase in capabilities and sound quality, which will end up making the unit simply pay for itself. So as far as audio interfaces go, Antelope Audio has created the next flagship you can expect to see in studios all over the world, if you don’t already.

Watch the video to learn more and view the complete specifications below.

Antelope Audio Orion Studio Features:

  • 12 high-end mic preamps, 16 analog outputs
  • Integrated talkback microphone and headphone routing
  • 2 mastering-grade stereo Monitor Outs with A/B switching
  • Onboard DSP Engine (includes new AuraVerb)
  • Antelope's superior AFC jitter-management technology
  • Latest generation of Antelope's software control panel:
  • Color-coded routing matrix with 4 independent mixers
  • Smart integration of DSP effects
  • Thunderbolt and USB
  • ADAT optical I/O (x 2)
  • S/PDIF I/O
  • Word clock I/O

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