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Giorgio Moroder 'TRON RUN/r' Soundtrack Features Remixes by Rusko, Darkstar, Autechre + more

A proper soundtrack release that includes dance music's most skilled producers
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The Tron series is getting a new video game for Playstation called TRON RUN/r, which just so happens to feature music by the legendary disco producer Giorgio Moroder and Raney Shockne. The game is definitely exciting, but what has us brimming with anticipation is the TRON RUN/r Original Soundtrack, featuring our favorite producer putting their spin on Moroder and Shockne's originals.

The forthcoming soundtrack will feature Moroder and Shockne's music, along with remixes by the likes of Rusk0, Autechre, Plaid and more. Also included are Warp Records standout artists Darkstar, Bibio, and Patten lending their forward thinking motif.

"TRON spans several decades of really innovative music, whether it's Wendy Carlos in the first film or Daft Punk. So we wanted an artist who could really span those generations in a legitimate way," said Christopher Nicholls, the executive producer of the project. "If you go back to the sound of original electro disco in the '70s, Giorgio is right at the heart of it. He's been pushing electronic music his whole career. We wanted to nod to the first film as well as the later incarnations of the series."

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Listen to Bibio's remix via the trailer below, along with the album's tracklisting.

TRON RUN/r Original Soundtrack:
01. Run Program
02. Run Program (Bibio Remix)
03. Recursion
04. Invalid Path
05. Invalid Path (Darkstar Remix)
06. Delta Antliae (Invalid Path Revisited - Nicholls Remix)
07. Delta Antliae (Patten Remix)
08. 611 Time Out
09. 611 Time Out (Autechre Remix)
10. Decrypted
11. Memory String
12. Memory String (Plaid Remix)
13. Parity Error
14. Parity Error (Rusko Remix) 

TRON RUN/r Original Soundtrack is set for release on May 31st, 2016 via Disney.

[via: Billboard]

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