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Listen to the exclusive premiere of HOBO's newest EP via Suara

The Canadian techno guru we know as HOBO, initially caught the spotlight thanks to some key minimal releases on Richie Hawtin's own Minus imprint. Tracks like 'Symptom' from 2009 and 'Incise' from 2014 became underground staples in DJ sets all over the world. His productions were wickedly distinct and they stood firmly apart from the rest in a sea of minimal techno. 

However, as of very recently HOBO has pushed his sound forward with more of a melodic motif that is sure to resonate much louder with the ears of today. First with his Peekaboo EP released just last month on Sasha's fabled Last Night On Earth imprint and now just two months later he's getting ready to release his next EP, which is rich with melody and progression. 

We are honored to premiere the next edition in HOBO's latest foray into new territory. The release is called the Myriad EP and it not only features two original tunes but it also includes a ridiculously infectious remix by fellow ENTER. resident, Jon Gaiser!

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