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Iconic Rave Culture Movie, Human Traffic, is Getting a Sequel

A look back at the pioneering age of rave culture
HUman Traffic

Human Traffic

We can't escape the 90s, a time when the counter culture was booming with creativity. Fresh of the news that Trainspotting 2 began filming, another iconic film from the same time period, Human Traffic, is also getting a sequel.

The films original writer and director, Justin Kerrigan, is leading the charge, breathing new life into a film that, for many, was a depiction of their youth.

A few months back, a Facebook page called Human Traffic: The Revolution, was established that indicated the new film was in development. The description reads: "Friends reunite to have fun in Ibiza!"

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Danny Dyer, a central character in the 1999 original, then gave fans even more hope with a tease via a tweet: "Moff. One of my favourite characters ever. That's all I'm saying on the matter. ;)"

No word has been given on who will appear in the new film, let alone when it will be released. But with Kerrigan at the helm once again, long-time fans will be anxiously awaiting the next installment.

While we wait for more news, check out one of the most famous scenes from the original film below.

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