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If Your Favorite DJs Were Cocktails

I'll take a Vodka Martinez Brothers, shaken not stirred.
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Next time you find yourself drinking a cocktail, see if you can imagine what it would be called if it was a DJ. A "Jack Beats & Ginger" perhaps, or maybe it's a "Gin & Quantic"? Okay that last one really wasn't that good, but to be fair, the people over at Carl Cocktails have taken all the good ones already. 

Thanks to the creative Tumblr account, all our favorite dance music artists have been reimagined as cocktails. From Jamie XX On The Beach and Vodka Martinez Brothers, to Hot Todd Terje and Busy Pina Colada, they have come up with some hilarious variations. Check out the gallery above for some of our favorites.

Can you come up with more? Let us know!

[via: Carl Cocktails]

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