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Industry Insider Advice: Rise To The Top By Working Together

The path to success is one we must take together with like-minded individuals
(photo by Nuh Omar)

(photo by Nuh Omar)

It's human nature to want to achieve your goals by working your hardest without any help from others. We simply like to be independent. You can say to yourself and others that you did it all, you made your dreams come true and your career blossomed, but that's just not how this industry works sometimes. You can't make it "huge" in any aspect of this industry by thinking solely about yourself, working together with others is the way to go. Although, hard work is certainly the staple for success, teamwork and collaboration are the catalyst.

Look at the success of recent breakthrough artists that are absolutely crushing the game right now, like Jauz, Ghastly, or Marshmello. Jauz came from the ICON COLLECTIVE production school where he surrounded himself with peers who all had their sights on the same goal. Ghastly is a regular at local LA events such as Space Yacht surrounded by friends who just so happen to also work in the industry. Take one look at Marshmello's social media and you can see that he certainly has a great team, great friends, and is even helping other artists such as Slushii break through. 

This isn't just sage advice for our industry in particular, but every industry in general. It just so happens that in the music, or any entertainment industry, relationships will help facilitate infinitely more opportunities and result in more success, than working alone ever could. 

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This doesn't at all mean exploit relationships, or try to get something out of people. Quite the opposite actually. Genuinely work together. This industry is a giant playground of friends that are all working extremely hard while having a great time, trying to make their dreams come true. There are always more people trying to enter the industry and the barrier is generally just your connections and network. 

There are so many different moving parts to a successful DJ or musician that people outside of the industry don't even know about. There is of course the DJ, which is the face of the operation and generally the producer of the music, although that may not always be true. Then there's the crucial element that can make or break everything, the team.  Everyone who is making moves in this industry has a team. Everyone. 

Whether you are just starting out and your team is just a group of friends that share and support your music, or you're more established and have an agent, manager and others working with you; everyone has a team. The team is integral to the success of the project, and the project isn't just the DJ or artist, rather the project is everyone involved. Managers and agents make their living by collaboratively working with artists to make everyone's ideas become reality, and it goes so much further than that nowadays. There's promoters, publicists, lawyers, graphic designers, stylists, nutritionists, talent buyers and so much more who come together in the industry. 

Los Angeles is the hub for the entertainment industry, and as such there are thousands of artists living in such a close vicinity to each other. Most are actually all friends, who hang out regularly, and occasionally work on music together. Even when they aren't focus on producer or PR, they support their friends, come out to each others shows and repost each others music. For example; Skrillex is a staple in the LA scene because he is known for helping smaller artists that he believes have potential, and in turn those artists go out of their way to help others as well. It's a cycle that may be relatively new in the US (last couple years perhaps), but has been in practice in Europe for ages. Once people get rid of the competitive and egotistical aspects of their projects, they can work together with others to improve the industry as a whole and make great friends while doing it. That's when success starts to happen, for everyone involved.

What this is all getting at is one thing; no matter what you want to do, if you want to achieve success, make friends and work with others as a collaborative effort for everyone to rise to the top.

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