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Insomniac Brings Back The Warehouse Rave in a Big Way

"It’s a project the whole Insomniac crew is extremely passionate about.”
Factory 93

Factory 93

More than two decades ago, a small events promoter was throwing parties in The Warehouse District of Downtown Los Angeles. That promoter, whose roots are tethered in the underground, is none other than founder and CEO of Insomniac Events, Pasquale Rotella

“I’ve loved warehouse parties since the day I walked into one as a youngster,” he reminisces. “The way the bass rattles the metal and reverberates through the walls, the condensation that forms on the ceiling from all the heat and energy in the room—those experiences changed my life and made me want to devote my life to dance music.”  

He has since moved on from passing out flyers for warehouse parties, to having an entire company that puts on mega-festivals around the world, including the massive Electric Daisy Carnival, which boasts more than 400,000 attendees over the course of 3 days. Now that the events which Pasquale and Insomniac put on have been exponentially growing each year, he felt that it was time to bring back his roots.

Enter Factory 93.

“I couldn’t be more excited to go back to my roots with Factory 93," says Rotella. "It’s a project the whole Insomniac crew is extremely passionate about.”  

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Factory 93 was true to the warehouse culture in every way. The location of the event wasn't disclosed until the night of. If you had a ticket you would call a number and a voicemail would tell you the location of the event. The only thing disclosed beforehand was the lineup, time and general area. The mystery added to the authenticity of the event. Riding to Factory 93 through the rustic warehouse district only enhanced and reinforced the aesthetic of the night to come.  

Arriving at the location, you could hear the bass booming from outside the monumental structure. Getting in was extremely quick and painless, and right away there was a massive open area with an art installation in the middle, and a bar to the left. Past this room was the dance floor, and it was spectacular.

A colossal dark open room with bass so loud you could feel it in your heart. Once people walked onto that floor they would instantly start dancing. The groovy tunes of Hot Since 82's three hour set had the room filled with moving bodies. A massive pyramid disco ball kept the lights bouncing around the venue and added to the overall atmosphere in a magical way. 

People went to warehouse raves to get lost in the music and dance for hours on end without judgement, just embracing the music and the environment. That's exactly what Factory 93 is. Once you enter the room you are instantly put in a trance. If you've never been there it's hard to understand the feeling of truly being lost in the music. 

Factory 93 was reminiscent of EDC's Neon Garden, but in it's own realm completely. The entire event payed homage to the warehouse parties of the 90s and early 2000s, not just remembering them, but resurrecting them. This series breathes new life into old experiences that inspired a generation. Without them, there likely would have never been an EDC or Ultra. Once again there will be scores of fans whose first experience with electronic music will be the warehouse rave and we think that's beautiful. 

So hats off to Insomniac, they really hit this one out of the park, and we can't wait for more!

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