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Internet Artists: Technology in Art

The perfect blend of technology and fine art
Jonas Lund Exhibit 

Jonas Lund Exhibit 

International artists are taking inspiration from the internet, incorporating social media, Bluetooth and more into their artwork as both a comment on the impact of technology on everyday life, and an effort to make art more accessible. Art is at its best when it is relatable, and reflects issues relevant to the world in which we live. The work of street artist Banksy is a perfect example of how to make art that is accessible to a wide section of society, combining humor with political commentary on relevant issues and striking imagery to reach a broad audience. 

Art should be able to be enjoyed by everyone, and the move to make art more accessible is becoming increasingly popular in the art world. With art retailer Lumas giving more people the opportunity to buy artwork online, and New York’s most renowned art gallery, MoMA launching initiatives to make art more accessible to people with dementia, the art world is addressing a broader audience. Referencing social media, and other tech trends is a sure-fire way of making art on a theme that is relevant to a majority of the population. Here are a few of our favorite artists who make tech themed art, around the world.

An Xiao Mina (Uganda)

An Xiao Mina is proclaimed technologist, writer and artist who creates conceptual art inspired by social media networks, which build a bridge between art and technology, referencing contemporary society’s obsession with social media. Her work ‘Nothing to Tweet Home About’ (2009) was a series of status updates sent as postcards, merging the past with the present and commenting on the way in which social media has transformed communication. Her project Bridge is a platform for social translation of social media, viewing social media and new inventions in web technology from an artistic perspective.

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Jonas Lund Painting

Jonas Lund Painting 

Jonas Lund (Amsterdam)

Digital artist Jonas Lund, who is based in Amsterdam, makes interactive web projects that are simultaneously functional and conceptual. His work is both satirical and philosophical, with ‘Return of Investment’ , a series of images presented as screen shots with an ‘invest now’ button, addressing the way the internet has effected the monetization of art, and ‘Paint Your Pizza’ giving art a place in the world of online take away delivery. The user is able to paint a pizza online which results in a real life pizza coming to the door, in just the way they intended. Witty and interactive, this project integrates art and internet usage.

Alexandra Gorczynski (New York)

New York based Alexandra Gorczynski, centers her work on digital media in a way that represents a digitalized lifestyle. From a painting of a Mac desktop to webcam videos that offer a surreal take on everyday interaction with the internet, her work is both socially and technologically relevant. 

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