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Isn't It About Time We Forgave EDM And Start Using The Right Acronym?

Poor little EDM has been misappropriated, it's time to take it back
Meet Shitsicle The SCDM PSA mascot

Meet Shitsicle The SCDM PSA mascot

The EDM debate rages on and on and on like American Idol (RIP Idol, you had a good run), but now it's time to wrap it up like the formulaic talent show that has plagued our televisions for so very long. 

Adam Lambert even appears on a Steve Aoki song, that we have not and will not ever listen to for ethical reasons. I digress... 

The point here is that this poor little acronym that was merely meant to shorten the rather long Electronic Dance Music has been misappropriated. It has been classified by many as a genre in and of itself that many also refer to as Big Room or Commercial Dance Music or Progressive or Electro House.

To start with, shame on you educated DJs and industry people for lumping poor little EDM into this one nasty category when all it was trying to do was make your sentences shorter. 

With the commercial rise of Electronic Music in the good old US of A, there also came the great "lumping" via the noobs and uneducated journos. If it was music that had repetitive beats, a 4/4 beat, sounded like Skrillex, or had a drop it was all "lumped" into our poor little acronym. It's all just EDM to them.

This classification is, of course, lazy and not accurate but it stuck, all big room progressive electro house commercial whatever it is was now "EDM." 

You will still hear big DJs refer to that "EDM shit" in a very derogatory way without actually thinking about it. "I don't play that EDM shit mate, I play proper House Music," they will exclaim with their nose firmly pointed up in the air. 

Well, guess what mate, House is EDM. Can you honestly tell me that House music is not Electronic Dance Music? Or Techno, or Drum and Bass, or Trap... it's all Electronic Dance Music. 

It's music that is made electronically with the intent of making people dance, and there are MANY different genres of it under that general umbrella. So you have to feel sorry for this little acronym that has been dragged through the mud and is now considered a dirty word by purists and more knowledgeable fans. 

You may hate those three letters, but you might want to reassess the root of that intense dislike. You can also just refer to the genre of EDM that you like and side step it all together.

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What kind of EDM do you like? "I like House Music and Tech House," you can say. So easy and painless, kind of like putting on a pair of slip on Vans.

You most likely hate what should be called Shitty Commercial Dance Music or SCDM, with its copycat tracks, DJs that can't DJ, big stupid light show distractions, and overall shittiness. 

Other iterations:

Pure Garbage Electronic Shit - PGES

Ear Bleeding Electronic Music - EBEM

Terrible Electronic Music - TEM

Fucboy Electronic Trash - FET

Have fun with your own acronyms; I hope SCDM sticks because that just rolls off your tongue like a bad industrial band. It's fun to say.

So maybe give EDM a break? Maybe quit being so harsh and start thinking about what you say? EDM probably isn't going anywhere, so it's about time we took it back and use it the way it was meant to be used. Just a simple, pure-hearted acronym. 

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