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JackLNDN Shares His Top Tracks Ahead of CONTROL in Los Angeles

Featuring tracks by Kidnap Kid, Snakehips, Herzeloyde, NVOY & Fono and more

JackLNDN has been on a tear as of late. After having a breakout year in 2015 with festival gigs all over the world, he's looking to carry on the momentum and truly define his sound. With a style that leans toward the indie dance realm, but with a touch of Bass and House, JackLNDN has carved out his place in the hierarchy of talented producers to keep an eye on. His upcoming gig at Avalon Hollywood for CONTROL in Los Angeles is an absolute must.

We got the chance to ask JackLNDN about his favorite music of the moment and he's delivered a selection filled with quality music that's on the cutting edge. From Herzeloyde and NVOY, to Kidnap Kid and Snakehips, this is definitely what's on hot right now and it looks like JackLDND has his ear to ground. Check out the selection below and catch him, along with Louis Vivet and Luca Lush this Friday May 13.

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Joe Hertz - 'Stay Lost Ft. Amber-Simone'

Joe’s music is continuously blowing my mind, track after track, the level of musicality, the soul, the feels are out of this world. Destined for huge things I’m certain of it.

NVOY & Fono - 'Up / Down'

These lads are ones to watch. UK flavours at their very best. I’m playing so much of their music out in my DJ sets and have been for years. Their latest collab with Fono is ridiculous. So worth following, everything they put out is amazing.

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Herzeloyde - 'Deception'

Herzeloyde’s output is so consistent and so well produced. He’s always inventive and you never know whats going to happen next, which is refreshing in a world of stale beats. The sound design is on point and his musical and sonic ideas are always putting me into headbang / bassface mode. This guys talent for music making is so impressive.

JackLNDN & Fabich - 'Without You'

Fabich is a very talented producer, I had the pleasure of working with him on this record last summer in Munich. He has a keen ear for house music, and is always sending me amazing stuff. We are currently working on another track together thats sounding rather hot. Stayed tuned for more on that.

Kidnap Kid - 'Moments Ft. Leo Stannard'

If you haven’t heard yet, you have now. Join the revolution. This music transcends dance/electronic music and borders into more soulful and spiritual territory. It’s truly beautiful stuff, and you can’t help but keep coming back for more and more. Moments is his latest offering and it ticks every box. A really well written song that has been produced to perfection.

Snakehips - 'Falling Ft. Malika'

Whenever they put out music it’s worth knowing about it. ‘Falling’ is a pop track with that extra special something. Its soulful and backed by a huge beat, the groove is perfect and the vocal is dope.

Barney Artist - 'Stay Close' (Prod. Tom Misch)

Everything he is involved in is amazing. This track he produced for Barney Artist is glorious and a perfect example of how Tom can apply his signature flavour of soul and groove to every track he puts out.

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