John Digweed’s Live in Montreal release is finally here! Consisting of an unprecedented collage of 9 discs - the additional 3 discs available this Friday, May 27th - the new release epitomizes the producer's never ending musical mastery. 

Digweed certainly is bringing the love back from that fateful night and he recognizes it's significance. He spoke with passion and conviction as he recounted this particular marathon performance. “That night at Stereo was very special and I'm so happy that it's come out as an official release. It really does showcase a proper start to finish set from me, starting with ambient and building up BPMs and the energy; bringing the set to a climax with a few classics.”

John Digweed

John Digweed

When talking about the overall tour, there were countless moments that deserved to be mentioned, but a few gigs stood out above all the rest. “I have had a great two-week tour, eight gigs and all went really well," Digweed said of the recent string of performances. "Standouts would be Output, which never fails and also due to its amazing club policy, perfect sound and light. San Fran is always rocking! I loved the Yuma tent and what a great production to play on El Paso is always fun due to the young crowd and energy.”  

Mentioning the Yuma tent at Coachella was an obvious choice. Last month Digweed posted a flyer to his social channels which referenced his performance at Coachella in 2008. That lineup just so happened to feature a fellow legendary artist, Prince. “He never played the game but always did things on his terms and what felt right for him.” Digweed would go on to reveal how much he appreciated the icons ability to constantly evolve and reinvent himself, all the while staying true to his own artistic motif. Unfortunately, the two would not occupy the same lineup on the same night again before his recent passing. 

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When asked to compare his Coachella experience from 2008 against that of today, Digweed had nothing but praise for the musical fantasy in the desert. “The Yuma tent at Coachella was an amazing, fully air-conditioned nightclub with state-of-the-art sound and lighting in the desert. I have not played there since 2008 and it has come a long way since then. There is something for everyone and it’s such a beautiful location, a well-run event and it's hard not to be blown away by it.” 

Contrasting festival and club performances always has their positives and negatives. But at the end of his tour, Digweed took to the booth at a warehouse party in Denver which was the perfect encore as he believes fans "are crying out for gigs like this these days." He recognizes that there is a unique atmosphere created within these locations, far different from your normal run-of-the-mill club experience. When talking about warehouse gigs, Digweed said, "I love playing purpose built clubs with well thought out design, but every once in a while it's nice, not only for me but for the crowd. It’s nice to strip everything back and make it all about a raw space and unity on the dance floor.”

The past gigs have indeed been memorable, but his upcoming performances have fans beaming with anticipation. We pried and pulled to get him go open up about future concert dates underlining the Sasha and Digweed reunion, but it was to no avail, as he remained tight lipped and aloof as to what the world could expect creatively. But he did throw us a bone by confirming that they were committed to the Social Festival on September 9th. 

We parted ways in good spirits and I agreed to convey how he promised that Live in Montreal was a gem that would not disappoint. His final take being, “I never planned to release any live albums, as I record every set. This one was very special and almost never came out. We had just released the restructured album in December. But, having listened back to the set from Montreal, I knew it had to come out and it is one of my proudest releases for sure.”

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