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BREAKING: LANDR + Soundcloud Team Up To Give Artists High Quality Uploads

Just when you thought the end was near, Soundcloud makes a surprising partnership with LANDR to give artists access to high quality uploads
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There has been a lot of talk recently about the uncertainty of Soundcloud's future. Many artists have been annoyed with the service as their tracks, mixes, and even whole accounts have been deleted. To the general population, this certainly seems like the time to find a new suitor, but improvements are on the way.

Once hailed for it's innovation, Soundcloud has just formed a partnership with another forward thinking company in a move that most people never saw coming. LANDR, the instant mastering app and website now allows Soundcloud's paid subscribers to use the service free of charge to create high quality uploads for any and all streaming purposes. To top it off, paying members get free wave downloads.

LANDR now has a button allowing creators to share directly to Soundcloud.

LANDR now has a button allowing creators to share directly to Soundcloud.

We asked for a bit more detail on the quality of the Soundcloud uploads, as well as the free downloads, and here is what LANDR told us:

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  • LANDR is proving top quality mastering for the platform. LANDR had been testing different formats to share on SoundCloud and with the partnership, they've created the best format to optimize the sound for SoundCloud streaming.
  • Every free user of SoundCloud gets one free WAV and unlimited "optimized for SoundCloud" songs. SoundCloud Pro users get 2 free WAVs and unlimited "optimized for SoundCloud" songs and SoundCloud Pro unlimited users get 4 free WAVs and unlimited "optimized for SoundCloud" songs.
  • They are only aimed to be shared on SoundCloud for streaming and will not show in the users track library on LANDR for download. 
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This is huge for us creators. Sending demos out is intimidating enough, but being able to send a well mastered version will make the process much less stressful. That doesn't mean you should skimp on any of your production process, as mastering a track with a poor mixdown will only bring out the flaws. It will be interesting to see how this partnership pans out, and what the next step for both of these companies is. As you may already know, we will be follow them closely.

To find out more about the new partnership, visit LANDR's website.

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