Germany's dance music scene plays a crucial role in the progression of the culture worldwide, which hasn't come as much of a surprise. With artists like Larse leading the charge, there's a sound brewing that begs our attention. Hailing from Dortmund, he's been involved with dance music for decades, but recently in the past 5 years his original productions have allowed his sound to branch out and garner attention from many enthused listeners. He's landed tracks on such iconic labels as Eskimo, DFA, Defected, NOIR and a host of others, but in our eyes his forthcoming material is truly noteworthy.

With the full On Canvas - Pt. 1 EP to be released via Suol on May 20th, Larse is set to shine bright this summer. 'Wanna Be Like You' is a special, heartfelt ballad that will have dancefloors moving at a steady pace. A soulful vocal provided by Lisa Shaw is delicately laced over fluttering synths and a driving House beat, made complete with subtle atmospherics. It's a beautiful track that's filled with emotion. Listen to the premiere below along with our conversation with Larse about his new material and what we can look forward to from him moving forward.

'Wanna Be Like You' is set to be released May 13th, exclusively on Traxsource. The full On Canvas - Pt. 1 will available in all digital stores May 20th. 

What are your origins in dance music?

I used to listen to a lot of disco & funk records at a really young age. Bands like Earth Wind & Fire, Kool & The Gang, Stevie Wonder and more records of my father’s small collection had regular plays on my turntable during that time. Later at the age of 15/16 I fell in love with Hip Hop and when Daft Punk’s Homework came out, it changed me a bit. I saw them live in my hometown in front of 500 people, i guess it was 1997, this had a major impact on me.

What has dance music meant to you?

Well, I started as a Hip Hop DJ, but when I first visited a Dance/Techno club, which was the legendary Tribehouse in Neuss, the energy blew me away. I had never experienced anything like that. Loco Dice was a resident in the small House room upstairs at Tribehouse and I loved the positive vibe, the energy, how people shared the night together, it was fun! I guess Dance Music has this special ability to connect people.

How did you start hosting, 1LIVE Klubbing?

I got a call from Mike Litt, who already worked for the Station 1LIVE, he told me they were looking for a versatile DJ to launch a Friday night show. I spent some time in Spain and we met, when I was back in Germany. I recorded some mixtapes, sent them over to Cologne and after 2 weeks they got back to me and asked if I was up to do the show with Mike. 1LIVE Klubbing then ran for 15 years. We did the show every Friday night for 5 hours and became really good friends.

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With previous releases on Noir and Defected, how does it feel to be releasing your EP under Suol?

It feels good! I’m a big fan of that label and really happy to be part of it from now on!

What went into making On Canvas - Pt. 1?

I wanted to release an E.P. with a diverse sound, all 3 tracks have a different approach. I had this backing-track of 'Wanna Be like You' and thought about a vocal version, that’s when I asked Lisa Shaw if I could send her some music. She replied fast and started writing the lyrics to 'Wanna Be Like You'. Then you got 'Connection' which is more of a deeper, rolling dance floor track. It just builds and builds. Track 3 'Kind of Culture' is a mix of Hip Hop and House, I think the beat is not a typical House groove, it’s more a pitched up Disco groove with a hooky vocal scratch and some dubFX. I sent it over to Chopstick & Johnjon and the guys played it at a club the same night.  

Where does 'Wanna Be Like You', fit in the dance community in your opinion?

That’s hard to predict. I think 'Wanna be Like You' is not a typical record DJ’s are used to playing in their peak time sets. It’s rather a listening track, if you want to call it like that. Maybe more to listen to on the radio, in your car, on the beach, on your iPod or at home.

What can we expect from you in the next year?

In the next months remixes for Lovebirds, Moonbootica and Phonique will be out. Later in 2016 the second part of On Canvas is scheduled. I’m looking forward to many showcases with the Suol Crew around summer, and maybe find the time to collaborate with other musicians!

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