Lemon Future, aka Steele Kempton, crafts music that is poetic, colorful and human. He prefers to keep the compositional form of his music open to evolution, and includes audible human elements in his production, audible brush strokes if you will. His forthcoming Golden Era EP is set to be released via DIRTY//CLEAN, and will introduce us to the dynamic artistry of this burgeoning producer.

When talking about the new material, Kempton said, "I wanted to create tangible moments of jubilation compiled into a space of time that knows no hardship. Music, to me, should have a story-like flow and structure. The four stories on Golden Era all have varying moods, set to invoke feeling without words. Feelings of triumph, change, curiosity, and finally, motion. Although art, feelings, and emotion are arbitrary concepts, it's important that we try and harness these feelings and present them as we interpret them. To try and reach a point where your hardship is weightless, this is the attempt."



With the goal of delivering a truly masterful release, Kempton tapped the incredibly talented producer Daedelus to remix 'Jovian Dream'. He completely transforms the tune with a remix consisting of an energetic array of synth and rhythm.  

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As Daedelus describes the remix, "The aim was to uplift; I'm not sure when it happened but I'd been in a murky album mood for a spell. Lemon Future approached me at a moment where I needed some daylight. Hopefully this remix thusly radiates joyful arms raised and such silly bounce you can't help but be unbounded."

Listen to the new track below and pre-order the Golden Era EP, which is set to be released May 27.

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