From a DJs perspective, the hunt to find killer house and dance tracks always comes at the price of proper research, digging, attending shows, and sometimes leaning over the DJ booth to see what that coveted title playing on the CDJ is. Today the rowdy London DJ collective EatMyBeat, composed of members Tank, Ali Salad, Hobson, 3B, and Larry, have dropped  their debut release; a killer 11 track compilation titled Bonus Snacks Vol 1 available for FREE! Yes, yes y'all, 11 bumping tracks worthy of a spot in your next set, for free.

EatMyBeat Cover

EatMyBeat has been known for digging deep and spinning genres all across the electronic spectrum, introducing listeners to some of the best never before heard Bass, Techno, Dub, Electronica, Hip-hop, Grime, House, and Disco. Their compilation showcases an array of up and coming producers from across the pond featuring Ramin, Conka, Magistrate, Dabinett, Kinsman, Yak, Chemist RNS, Domestic Disturbance, Interger, and Nuvaman. Listen to the collective's mini mix of the compilation to get a proper tasting of all these delicious tracks:

Below is the track listing and Soundcloud where you can download the comp:

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01. The Wiseguys - Oh La La (Ramin's 'Oh My' Edit)
02. Conka - Pablo (Original Mix)
03. Magistrate - Liberate (Original Mix)
04. Blaze - To My Beat (Dabinett Garage Re-Beat)
05. Kinsman - Muscle Memory (Original Mix)
06. Lone - Counter Glow (Yak Edit)
07. Chemist RNS - Melted Chocolate (Original Mix)
08. Domestic Disturbance - This Dance (Original Mix)
09. Integer - Identity (Original Mix)
10. Nuvaman - Black Dog (Original Mix)
11. Sensei C - Chemistry [Prod by Chemist RNS]

Are you in London and looking to experience these bangers in action? Catch the EMB DJ's on July 1st over at the Shelter Club in Hoxton for their official label launch party. Shelter is an epic club with two room's that will feature a number of special guests from the release to join the collective for a night of phat grooves. Purchase Tickets

Follow EMB on their social pages listed below, and be on the lookout for their very dope #strictlyfullfat radio show that airs on LocoLDN each week.

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