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If you're looking for a mix that is chock full of character and personality, then you are in luck! Next up on our guest mix series is the Bay Area up-and-comer Lubelski.

Formerly producing under the name Jayko, but rebranding to Lubelski, this artist is a man who makes music that mirrors his fun, creative essence.  His unique blend of house music is produced with the utmost seriousness, and the high quality craftsmanship of his beats is absolutely discernible. Yet, the intention the whole damn time is to make sure you have almost all the fun in the world. 

Kick back and get weird with it. This is a mix that wants you to have a damn fine time, with plenty of smiles too.

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"I try to find melodies that can reflect something as real and simple as human connection. I then re-contextualize them into my music just as as jazz does, but retaining the consistency of house." - Lubelski

Here's a a bit more biographical information on the man, the myth, the soon to be legend Lubelski. He's a multi-instrumentalist & electrical engineer born and bred in Los Angeles and flourishing in Santa Cruz. He's a long time collaborator with Fritz Carlton in various capacities. Lubelski counts numerous releases on Desert Hearts, Nervous and Nite Records to his credit.

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