How did the title of SPOR's new EP, 'Black Eyed' come about? Hazarding a guess here - but perhaps it's because its audio chops reach out and punch you right in the sight holes! 

Yes, get that bag of peas at the ready; SPOR's drum and bass face lay dormant from 2012 before erupting a comeback with Caligo last year. Come 2016, it's clear that Jonathan Gooch/Feed Me/SPOR - the man of many guises - means business and is ready to go with his latest offering. Magnetic have snapped up the honor of introducing you to track 3 of a formidable 5 - 'Woodruff'. 

Teaming with German producer, Phace (the pair have previously hooked up on 'Out Of Focus' in 2011) their follow up act is a one stop warp shop that drips with distortion and ill intentions. Let the bass seizuring commence!

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The track is being released free and exclusively via BitTorrent bundle this Friday (13th of May) on SPOR's own label, Sotto Voce. Why the freebie? "Bittorent represents to me a direct link to the freeform and underground nature of Drum & Bass.” — Spor.  Hear, hear Sir SPOR! We ain't arguing with that.

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