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Mija & Vindata Share Inspiring Music Video for 'Better'

Mija and Vindata present a hopeful new track paired with an experiential video

A melodically enchanting tune to crack open a beer to on white sanded beaches in the Bahamas, 'Better' by Mija and Vindata unveils the incredible and slightly secretive lives of touring musicians as they travel the nation from Los Angeles to Miami. 

The theme shared in both the vibrant, catchy song and invigorating music video is a spotlight on the once-in-a-lifetime friendships that artists develop. From impromptu moments with artists such as Ghastly and Jai Wolf, to mansions with “top-of-the-line” security, party buses and sold out shows, the OWSLA crew invites viewers into their fast-paced laughter-filled world of the LA based artists. The song, carried by a future-based synth and motivating vocals, drive the point home that life only gets better—and when it does, you could find yourself alongside heavyweight names in the music industry.

'Better' ballparks the vision of success for most ambitious dreamers. As an aspiring producer myself, the track and video incites my passion for dance music culture. It's an inspiring pair that go hand in hand, equaling to the stimulating message of working hard, reaching life milestones, and achieving success, whatever that success may be.  

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