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Moby on Drug Culture of EDM and Why He “Can’t Muster Any Enthusiasm” for Pop Music

Moby and Larry King deliver a thought provoking conversation focusing on hot topics regarding the music industry
Larry King and Moby

Larry King and Moby

Moby recently sat down with the illustrious Larry King for an exclusive interview. Among the various topics they discussed, Moby touched on a few things that bring to light aspects of the music industry that deserve more attention, the issues with Pop music and drugs in EDM.

With being called one of the forefathers of electronic dance music, Moby has seen the culture evolve over the years. With the knowledge he has about the scene he shared why the genre is so heavily associated with drugs. He reveals, “The dirty secret of the world of electronic dance music is, I would say, it’s very associated with drugs,” and calls the number of people not on mind-altering substances at a rave a “statistical anomaly.” 

Moby also admits to Larry King that he didn’t know about his one-time collaborator Gwen Stefani’s new hit album. He remarked, “I don’t really pay much attention to the world of popular music these days,” noting that he “can’t muster any enthusiasm” for the genre. 

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He also reveals the dark meaning behind their 1999 hit, ‘South Side.’ When talking about the material, Moby explains, “It was written about a post-apocalyptic environment, wherein life has lost all meaning,” but because it was so catchy, “it accidentally became a pop song.”

Watch more clips from Moby's interview with Larry King below, including his longing to collaborate with the Prince and his close relationship with David Bowie, calling the latter a “hybrid between a demigod and royalty.” To watch the complete interview, click here.

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