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Moog Packs $10,000 Worth of Gear into Model 15 Modular App

All tracks in this post were produced solely with the Moog Model 15 Modular App
Moog App

Moog recenlty announced the release of the Moog Model 15 app, an iOS version of the iconic 1970’s modular synthesizer. This is the first Moog modular synthesizer and synthesis educational tool packed with the iconic technology and created exclusively for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

Designed to evoke the joyous experimentation and sonic bliss of its predecessor’s vintage hardware, the Moog Model 15 app meticulously recreates the look, feel and sound of its highly expressive analog namesake. From the legendary Moog 921-series oscillators and 904A Low Pass Filter, to the coveted 907 Fixed Filter Bank; each module’s character, harmonic complexity and mystique has been ardently preserved.

Expanding beyond the traditional offerings of an analog Model 15 synthesizer, the Moog Model 15 app has total MIDI integration, dedicated Audio Bridge and MIDI Bridge modules, a looping recorder module, a ping-pong delay module and a new extension cabinet populated with additional amplifiers and voltage controlled attenuators.

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Watch the short video clip below to get a glimpse of the possibilities available at your fingertips.

Moog App

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