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Moogfest Recap featuring ODESZA, Kode9, Grimes, GZA and more [Photos]

Moogfest presents the full scope of innovation within the realm of music and technology
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Moogfest just wrapped up it's annual festival that featured over 300 innovators in music, art, and technology. The four-day event took place in Durham, North Carolina, at various venues throughout the city and consisted of a plethora of performances, conversations, interactive art experiences, and workshops. Check out the photo gallery above for a look at some of our favorite highlights, along with a recap of the festival's immersive installations below.


Interactive art installations and immersive sonic environments are always a major highlight of Moogfest. Apart from the musical performances, festival attendees had the opportunity to partake in truly unique and groundbreaking projects. 

Some of the most noteworthy installations included The WiFi Whisperer by Kyle McDonald, which listens to leaky data from festival-goers’ devices to create data visualizations; RTP’s Convergence by Floating Point Collective, an installation that invited people to work with each other to collaboratively create cityscapes made of light; PLAY – Sound by IDEO, where people manipulated the collection of synthesized inputs from across the festival; Realiti - Inside the Music of Grimes, provided an environment for fans to remix the track ‘Realiti’ by Grimes; The Aloft Hotel Musical Playground, an immersive installation incorporating analog and digital instruments; and The Exchange: Switchboard Synthesizers by Antenes, an installation of repurposed antique manual telephone switchboards converted into a working modular synthesizer system.

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Each year Moogfest organizers deliver a festival that encapolates the many facets of the electronic music industry, along with showcasing the progressive ideas that will set the foundation for the future. 2016 was no different and with our minds filled with the endless possibilities of this unique culture, we will be patiently awaiting their return next year.

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